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For more than 15 years we have been carrying out accurate building surveys, surveys for facility management and laser scanning. During this time, we have been on the road all over Germany, but also in Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Chechnya. Every year, we record approx. 1,000,000 m² GFA.
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Only on the basis of accurate plans or models can planning succeed within the required time and cost. Due to our expertise in surveying, we can deliver plans and models with the highest degree of accuracy, spatial reference and representation.
Digitale Raumdaten

State of the art methods

Every building and every project is unique. We have the expertise and the technology to find the right solution for your project. For this purpose, an exact building survey with a total station or a laser scanner, the use of drones, or the fast acquisition with a mobile laser scanner can be the appropriate solution.
Digitale Raumdaten

Team strength

With 25 employees, our Digital Spatial Data department is also able to carry out large-scale projects without any problems. In addition to the team strength, the department also has the necessary specialists. Among others, the department employs civil engineers and draftsmen, as well as surveyors and technicians.


For the refurbishment or the reconstruction as well as for evaluating the condition of a building, reliable and current plans are needed. By means of the survey of buildings these plans can be realized. We can carry out such a (digital) survey of buildings according to your individual wishes. You will receive a detailed 2D-plan and/ or a deformation-true 3D model.

Laser scanning

By means of laser scanning it is possible to comprehend both inside and outside of great buildings contactless and quick. Therefore the surface will be laser-scanned and at the same time about 1 million points are scanned each second. In addition to the 3D-measurement of the geometry a panorama shot will be created which is necessary for the colouring of the measured points. The result of this approach is an exact photo-realistic point cloud and serves as the basis for a deformation-true image of the building contained in plans or in 3D models.

Drone surveying

For the quick acquisition of large or hard-to-reach areas on buildings like facades or ceilings we use a remote controlled, unmanned drone with a camera. The outcome may result in a coloured point cloud, georeferenced orthophotos or a terrain model. We also promote the combination of both point clouds created by terrestrial laser scans and point clouds enabled by overflying.

Measured drawing

By deploying most advanced tools such as laser scanners, tachymeter and drones we can create accurate and deformation-true floor plans, views and cuts in compliance with current standards (DIN 1356, Günter Eckstein “Empfehlungen für Baudokumentation” – Guidelines for building documentation) or according to your individual specifications.

3D models

On the basis of self-executed surveys through laser scanning or on the basis of provided plans, we can build detailed 3D models. The resulting models can be applied for further planning or visualization.

Documentation of structural damage

Before construction, especially suitable for older and landmarked buildings, the determination of the building condition shall be made in a damage documentation (damage mapping). This is particularly important to submit an application for the demolition of landmarked buildings at the monument protection authority. The damage assessment for each component will be recorded in a room book and the damages are presented in a photo documentation.

We compile for you plans as well as room books and perform rental space calculations according to the common standards. The digital data can be comfortably imported into your CAFM (computer aided facility management) -system. The documents drafted can be used for renting or tendering of FM services such as cleaning operations or working on green areas.

Measurement and rental space calculations

The staff of Wuttke Ingenieure is highly skilled and equipped for the effective recording of the required technical data and geometry. With the aid of tachymeter and laptop the geometry as well as the technical data will be captured and will directly be processed into the CAD software. This method is the most efficient approach and secures thereby a high quality. The subsequent rental space calculation takes place in accordance with the current standards DIN277,Gif (MF/G, MF/V, MF/W), IPMS or WoFIV.

Additional services at a glance


  • Registration of technical data and compilation of room books for FM systems
  • Fire department-, escape and rescue plans
  • Floor space plans as well as surface plans for winter road maintenance
  • Digitization and vectorization of analog plans
Digitale Raumdaten
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